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Why Join IFC?

1. Making the University of Akron just Small enough

Of the 12,000+ undergraduate students found on the University of Akron’s campus, it gets a little bit overwhelming sometimes to find your place in it all. Having a network of other Greek members that you can look to for friendship and help creates an environment a little more personal for you. Chapters also provide numerous ways to outreach throughout the campus and the community, allowing you to branch yourself as far as you would like!

2. Becoming a Campus Leader

Many of the student leaders and faculty you’ll run into on campus are Greek! In the past year alone, Greek leaders have extended throughout campus to take on some of the largest roles. Often times, Greek life gives you the means to become a campus or community leader through opportunities presented to you through your chapter or the community as a whole.  We believe in you, and want to present any opportunities for you to succeed!

3. Scholastic Excellence and Support

Greeks have a higher GPA on average than non-Greek students. In the past year our Greek men achieved a GPA of 2.94 as opposed to the all-male average of 2.72. Each chapter has its own specific requirements for GPA, but each chapter provides the support and help to allow you to reach your academic goals again and again! 

4. Giving back to the Community

Each Fraternity supports their own philanthropy, in which they feel very strongly towards and raise money to continue to aid with. Each Fraternity hosts their own events, which are support by Greek and non-Greek students alike! Aside from fundraising, Fraternity men donate thousands of hours a year in community service. 

5. Brotherhood

Within each chapter, you will find your home away from home which will constantly be your support system along with your best friends. Each chapter on the University of Akron’s campus prides themselves on their brotherhood, and our constantly looking for ways to make it better. But we are not separated by our chapters, there is a great sense of Interfraternalism at the University of Akron, and you will always have the chance to meet new people. 

If you are committed to scholarship and want to use your leadership potential in service to others, we hope you will join us during fraternity recruitment so that you can build your own network with other campus leaders and area alumni.