FBI and BCI requirements

If you are taking a course that requires field work, or student teaching, you are REQUIRED to have both completed each summer prior to the start of each academic year.   They will then be valid for 12 consecutive months.

Note: You must present a copy to the school district(s) you are assigned to on the day you begin placement. DO NOT send a copy to the School of Education or Office of Student Teaching; it is your responsibility to manage your documents.

How to get your background check

We've partnered with UA's School of Counseling to offer this service on campus See costs and how to schedule here

Alternatively, we would suggest searching online at www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/backgroundcheck to find the nearly 30 Webcheck locations in Summit County or nearby.

What codes to use and where to send your background check?


Field Experience/Student Teaching - Note: Any courses that require field hours and for student teaching, use the following codes and send to the following locations:


3319 39

Public School District or Chartered Nonpublic School Employees and School Bus Drivers


3319 39B1

School Employees - non-teaching  positions

Note: Send copies of background check to your HOME address and to Ohio Department of Education (ODE)

*DO NOT send copies to The University of Akron

If you do not have the required documents ready for when your field course or student teaching starts:

  • You may not be able to complete the requirements of the course.
  • We cannot waive this requirement and give you permission to start at the school. Once again, this is a mandated district policy.

If there is a violation on your record:

  • If you have a misdemeanor on your record, and ODE says it will not prevent you from obtaining a license, school districts may not accept you in their schools and our office cannot guarantee placement for field and/or Student Teaching.
  • If you incur a new violation that will be placed on your BCI and or FBI report once you have started the semester, you must report it to the Director of Teacher Education immediately.