Student Teaching Date Organizer


You are responsible for checking this calendar periodically and communicating frequently with advisors to avoid missing events and/or deadlines.

Important dates for Spring 2024
Date 16-Week Student Teaching Placement
January 16 Spring 2024 semester begins
March 4- March 10 Mid-term Week- All due by March 10
April 1 Last day to submit graduation application - GRADUATE & UNDERGRADUATES
March 21

edTPA submissions for ALL subject areas due November 1, 2023

Please note: All students are responsible for payment of the $300 edTPA fee directly to Pearson when the portfolio is submitted. This charge is NOT included in students' tuition or course fees.

April 29 MANDATORY "Exit Survey" link sent to student teachers, mentors, supervisors
May 6-10  Final examination week- All Grades due by May 12, 2024
May 10 Last day of 16-week Student Teaching Placement

We will include events from Career Services on this date organizer as well as sending you an email. Be aware that dates on this calendar may change. It is the student teacher's responsibility to periodically check this calendar and communicate frequently with advisor to avoid missing events and/or deadlines.