CBE Graduate Programs

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at The University of Akron (UA) offers a Master of Science (M.S.) in Chemical Engineering and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in engineering.

Areas of specialization for graduate students include corrosion science and engineering, catalysis, enzymatic synthesis, filtration, biocompatible materials, bio-reaction engineering, chemical vapor deposition, molecular simulation colloids and adhesion, chaos, and controls.

To earn an M.S. degree, students must complete 30 credit hours of study. This includes a minimum of 24 credit hours of course work and six credit hours of thesis work. An oral defense of the thesis is also required.

Ph.D. students must complete a minimum of 96 credit hours including 36 hours of coursework beyond the bachelor of science level. Students must pass a departmental qualifying examination, a candidacy examination, and present and successfully defend their dissertation to a college-wide Interdisciplinary Doctoral Committee of five faculty. The Ph.D. degree has a residency requirement of one year full-time.

An M.S. in Chemical Engineering typically requires two years to complete. The Ph.D. typically requires an additional three years.

In the fall of 2000, an option became available for students with B.S. degrees in subjects other than Chemical Engineering interested to bridge to an MS Chemical Engineering degree. This program enables bridge students to complete their M.S. degree in roughly 6 months more than a student entering with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.

The department's major research apparatuses include gas chromatographs; gas chromatograph-mass spectrometry; BET; differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetric analysis; FT-IR, HPLC, XRF, and heat release equipment; laser and light scattering equipment; pilot scale bubble cap and packed towers; extruders; biochemical reactors; sterilizers. In addition, students have access to the extensive library and computer facilities at the university and to external supercomputer facilities.