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Students can transfer to the College of Health Professions with 12 credits, 3.0 GPA, and 1 pre-requisite science completed. Admitted students will be considered pre-admits to their desired major and will receive advising from the College of Health Professions’ Student Success Center in Mary Gladwin Hall 313. Once the student meets or is in progress to complete the first year requirements with a 3.0 GPA and a C or better, then the student will be eligible to apply for the Didactic Program. Students admitted to the program will be assigned a faculty adviser.

To speak with an academic advisor, please contact:

College of Health Professions Student Success Center
Mary Gladwin Hall 313

• Q. Can I enter a UA dietetics program with a GPA below 3.0 under any circumstances?
• A. No. Students must have a 3.0 or better GPA in their first year of courses, 32 semester hours, and 1st year courses completed for admittance into Nutrition/Dietetics.
• Q. What is the process of declaring Dietetics as a major? How do I transfer into the College of Health Professions?
• A. Once prerequisites are met, students must complete an Inter-College Transfer Sheet.
• Q. What is the difference between the Didactic Program (DP) and the Coordinated Program (CP)?
• A. The Didactic Program provides students with coursework and a Bachelor of Science degree so they can apply for a dietetic internship.
• A. The Coordinated Program includes both pre-professional practice and the necessary coursework for the B.S. degree so that after graduation students are immediately able to take the registration exam to become an RD.
• Q. When I transfer into the College of Health Professions, in which program am I enrolled; the Didactic Program (DP) or the Coordinated Program (CP)?
• A. All students who declare dietetics as their major are automatically admitted into the Didactic Program. After completion of necessary courses, students may then apply for the Coordinated Program (CP).
• Q. Will a 'C' grade or lower in the sciences or dietetics-specific classes hurt my chances of getting an internship or entering the Coordinated Program at UA?
• A. Yes.
• Q. Is there any way to move on to a course on my contract if I miss or fail a pre-requisite?
• A. No. You must take or retake the pre-req. course with a passing grade. Your graduation will likely be delayed by a semester or more.