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Bachelor’s of Organizational Supervision

Student in Bachelor's of Organizational Supervision degree programOur Bachelor's of Organizational Supervision degree is designed for those who hold an associate’s degree or who have completed college courses totaling 60 credit hours or more.

It's a great option if you:

  • need a bachelor’s degree to advance your career;
  • want a degree that teaches leadership and supervisory skills;
  • want a degree that applies to a variety of professions;
  • need classes offered at times that won’t conflict with work schedules; or
  • always wanted to earn a bachelor’s degree.

About the degree

Types of Degrees and Training

Noncredit programs

Workshops, seminars or courses that improve skills for professional development but do not lead to academic degrees. Learn more.


Documents granted by colleges and adult career centers after completion of study for specific occupations. Certificates usually require a full-time six month to one year program of required courses or its part-time equivalent. List of certificates we offer.

Associate Degrees

Degrees granted by colleges after students complete required courses. Associate degrees are offered by the College of Applied Science and Technology.

Bachelor's Degrees

Degrees granted by universities or colleges after students have satisfactorily completed required courses, taking at least four years of full-time enrollment or its part-time equivalent. Bachelor's degrees offered at UA.

Advanced Degrees

Master's or doctorate degrees earned after bachelor's degree, taking at least two years for full-time students to complete. Advanced degrees offered at UA.