University of Akron Army ROTC
Army Reserves
Simultaneous Membership Program

If you are already a member of the Army Reserves, looking to join, or are a current cadet looking for extra money and military experience, you may be able to take advantage of the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP). This program allows you to be both a member of the UAROTC and a member of a local OHANG unit. You can still pursue a commission in the Active Duty Army, or the Army Reserves/National Guard in a state of your choosing. Details of the program are listed below.

Army Reserve Benefits

  • Tuition Assistance ($4,500 a year)
  • Reserve G.I. Bill ®
    • $375 per month for 36 continuous months (4 year degree) of college
    • Up to $350 a month "kicker" depending on MOS
    • Up to $20,000 Enlistment Bonus depending on MOS
    • Up to $50,000 loan repayment depending on MOS
    • Non- Deployable w/ unit upon contracting until completion of school (up to 4 years)
    • Monthly Drill Pay Roughly $231-278 per month (E1 - E4)
    • Paid as an E-5 (avg. $303 a month) upon contracting with ROTC
    • Roughly $1,000 for Annual Training
    • $350 - $500 Monthly Stipend from ROTC, in addition to Army Reserve Drill Pay

Guaranteed Reserve Force Duty (GRFD) scholarships are available for those wishing to commit to the Nation Guard or Army Reserves after commissioning.


  • After Commissioning
    • Students may choose to serve 3 years Active Duty and 5 Years Reserve or Ready Reserve
    • Some may serve 6 years in Reserves or National Guard and 2 years Ready Reserve
  • Reserve Force slots available if desired
  • ROTC Class
    • 2 credit hours for Freshman and Sophomore level course
    • 3 credit hours for Junior and Senior level course
  • Physical Training Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Leadership Labs every other week
    • 1 credit hour course

Army ROTC:

  • An Army Officer producing program in colleges across the country
  • Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant after four years and degree completion
  • No commitments until the start of your junior year
  • A Four Year College Program – an ROTC class and lab is taken every semester
  • Most four year degree programs are compatible with ROTC
  • Taken in conjunction with other classes and major field of study. Not at degree granting program
  • Develops leadership and management skills for Army and Civilian careers

How to Apply

Contact Mr. Terry Michaels
Recruiting Operations Officer
Shrank Hall South Room 8
Phone: 330-972-2775

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