ROTC for high school students

You can attend Army ROTC as an elective course, while not under scholarship, for two years without any commitment to the Army. ROTC is a great way to get a free look at the military, have some fun, and meet new people by becoming part of the University of Akron Army ROTC family.

Cadet Command has two types of scholarships available to high school seniors.  

1. Four-Year Scholarship

Apply for a four-year scholarship while you are still in high school, and you can attend college virtually free!

Our four-year scholarship will cover full tuition and fees, and includes an annual stipend of $300 per month in your first year, increasing to $500 per month in your fourth. Additionally, you will receive a $1200 each year for books.

At the University of Akron four-year scholarship winners also receive a $5000/yr incentive for the first 2 years that covers a large portion of the room and board. With tuition, fees, room, and board covered, and a monthly stipend, ROTC is a fantastic way to pay for college and living expenses, all while receiving some of the best leadership training in the world - it doesn't get better than that!

2. Three-Year Advanced Designee Scholarship

The Three-Year Advanced Designee Scholarship is identical to the four year scholarship in all ways except that you do not begin receiving benefits until the fall semester of your sophomore year. Receipt of benefits is contingent upon meeting all of the criteria for contracting during your freshman year.  

Three-year scholarships will cover tuition and fees for three. A monthly stipend, starting at $350 per month for sophomores increasing to $500 per month for seniors, and a book allowance of $1200 per year, are included with them. As with the four-year scholarship, academics, athletics and leadership are considered in the selection process. Those who excel in each of those areas will be very competitive for a three-year scholarship.


Successful candidates should complete the following steps in the first nine weeks of their senior year in order to maximize their chances to receive an ROTC scholarship.

Step 1: Register for the National Scholarship.

Step 2: Notify your guidance counselor of your intent to apply for the ROTC National scholarship and get a copy of your transcripts and SAT/ACT scores.

Step 3: Prepare for the Presidential Fitness Test. Practice for 1 minute of pushups, situps and a one-mile run.

Step 4: Schedule an interview the Professor of Military Science at a University with an ROTC program. (It is in your best interest to interview at the school you hope to attend. However, interviewing at any school with an ROTC program is the standard.)