University of Akron Army ROTC
Ohio Army National Guard
Simultaneous Membership Program

If you are already a member of the Ohio Army National Guard, looking to join, or are a current cadet looking for extra money and military experience, you may be able to take advantage of the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP). This program allows you to be both a member of the UAROTC and a member of a local OHANG unit. You can still pursue a commission in the Active Duty Army, or the Army Reserves/National Guard in a state of your choosing. Details of the program are listed below.

National Guard Benefits

  • National Guard (NG) - 100% Tuition Reimbursement
  • Montgomery G.I. Bill (NG)
    • $350 per month, must complete AIT
    • Up to $200 “kicker” depending on MOS
    • Possible Enlisted Bonuses
    • Up to $50,000 loan repayment post AIT
    • SMP Kicker of $350 a month once contracted with ROTC (SMP)
  • Non- Deployable w/ unit upon contracting until completion of school (up to 3 years)
  • Monthly Drill Pay
    • Roughly $231-278 per month (E1 - E4)
    • Paid as an E-5 (avg. $303 a month) upon contracting with ROTC
    • Roughly $1,000 for AT (Freshman and Sophomore)
  • $350 - $500 Monthly Stipend from ROTC, in addition to NG/AR pay

Guaranteed Reserve Force Duty (GRFD) scholarships are available for those wishing to commit to the Nation Guard or Army Reserves after commissioning.


  • After Commissioning
    • Students may choose to serve 3 years Active Duty and 5 Years Reserve or Ready Reserve
    • Some may serve 6 years in Reserves or National Guard and 2 years Ready Reserve
  • Reserve Force slots available if desired
  • ROTC Class
    • 1 credit hours for Freshman and 2 credit hour for Sophomore level course
    • 3 credit hours for Junior and Senior level course
  • Physical Training Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Leadership Labs every other week
    • 1 credit hour course

Army ROTC:

  • An Army Officer producing program in colleges across the country
  • Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant after four years and degree completion
  • No commitments until the start of your junior year
  • A Four Year College Program – an ROTC class and lab is taken every semester
  • Most four year degree programs are compatible with ROTC
  • Taken in conjunction with other classes and major field of study. Not at degree granting program
  • Develops leadership and management skills for Army and Civilian careers

How to Apply

Contact Terry Michaels
Recruiting Operations Officer
Shrank Hall South Room 8D
Phone: 330-972-2775