Person lead climbing

Lead climbing

Take full advantage of our 53 foot wall and learn how to lead climb! Our introduction to lead climbing class covers everything you need to know to make a successful transition from top rope climbing to lead.

How to sign up

The cost for Intro to Lead Climbing is $40 for students and members and $50 for non-members and community. Stop by the rock wall desk for more information, or sign up online when classes are available.

Class components

Our introduction to lead climbing class is a four-hour hands-on instructional clinic that covers all aspects of indoor lead climbing that are pertinent to the SRWC rock wall. Topics include lead climbing equipment, clipping techniques, lead belay fundamentals, climbing mechanics and specific risk management considerations.

Eligibility criteria

There are three main eligibility requirements for participating in the lead class:

  • Having a current waiver on file at the rock wall
  • Having a current top rope belay certification at our wall
  • Having the ability to consistently top rope climb at least 5.9 on the 53 foot wall while demonstrating controlled climbing with no falls or breaks

Becoming certified

Upon completion of the class, participants will need to take and pass our lead climbing test in order to become certified. To pass, proficiency must be shown in the following areas:

  • Ability to lead climb while demonstrating proper clipping technique and positioning.
  • Ability to belay a lead climber while demonstrating proper attention to rope management (slack), positioning, and effective fall arrest mechanics.

Participants must wait at least 24 hours after the class before attempting to become certified. Lead climbing certifications last one semester, and each semester your skills will be re-tested. It should be noted that our lead climbing certification is only designed for our facility; it does not transfer to any other facility and is not intended to introduce all skills and topics relevant to outdoor climbing.