Communications Standing Committee Responsibilities

The Communication Committee is responsible for assessing and making recommendations regarding the University’s internal/external communication strategies and practices; providing/receiving feedback to/from University Council on systematic communication issues; tracking issues that have a direct institution-wide impact and recommend action as appropriate; gathering feedback from constituents that each committee member represents and bring attention to issues for consideration by the whole committee in collaboration with staff, contract professionals, faculty and students in appropriate departments.  These recommendations shall be forwarded to University Council for consideration.

Committee Members

* UC Members

MembersConstituent Groups
Wayne Hill, Appointed Administrator Administrator
Tiffany Schmidt, Co-Chair* Contract Professional Advisory Committee
Amy Freels, Co-Chair Staff Employee Advisory Committee
Pam Duncan, Secretary Staff Employee Advisory Committee
Heather Walter Chairs/School Directors
Kristen Foy Samson Contract Professional Advisory Committee
Elizabeth Kennedy Deans
Robert Peralta Faculty Senate
Sherry Simms Faculty Senate
Elizabeth Attalla Graduate Student Government
Sharon Crawford Graduate Student Government
Sonia Achaleke Undergraduate Student Government
Fathema yusufi Undergraduate Student Government