Physical Environment Standing Committee Responsibilities

The Physical Environment Committee is responsible for studying, monitoring and making recommendations related to overall campus planning, safety, and the use and assignment of university space, physical facilities and equipment in collaboration with staff, contract professionals and faculty in appropriate departments. These recommendations shall be forwarded to the University Council for consideration.

Documents of Interest

Committee Members

*UC Members

MembersConstituent Groups
Steven Myers, Appointed Administrator Administrator
TBD, Chair*  
TBD, Vice Chair
Dorothy Gruich, Secretary Contract Professional Advisory Committee
Dimitria Gatzia Chairs/School Directors
Pam Brandenstein Contract Professional Advisory Committee
TBD Deans
Phil Allen Faculty Senate
Harvey Sterns Faculty Senate
David Myatt Graduate Student Government
TBD Graduate Student Government
Max Fighmaster Staff Employee Advisory Committee
Shawn Stevens Staff Employee Advisory Committee
TBD Undergraduate Student Government
Colton West Undergraduate Student Government