Student Engagement and Success Standing Committee Responsibilities

The Student Engagement and Success Committee is responsible for studying, monitoring and making recommendations regarding the University’s student engagement and success strategies and practices in collaboration with staff, contract professionals and faculty in appropriate departments. The recommendations shall be forwarded to the University Council for consideration.

Committee Members

* UC Members

MembersConstituent Groups
John Messina, Appointed Administrator  Administrator
Katie Cerrone, Chair *  Faculty Senate
Jennifer Manista, Vice Chair Staff Employee Advisory Committee
Jared Brown, Secretary Graduate Student Government
Steve Ash Chairs/School Directors
Greg Dieringer Contract Professional Advisory Committee
Sarah Psihountakis Contract Professional Advisory Committee
Susan Hanlon Deans
Huey-Li Li Faculty Senate
Renee Murry Graduate Student Government
Dierdre McDonald Staff Employee Advisory Committee
Kevin Feezel Undergraduate Student Government
James Garcher Undergraduate Student Government