University Council

The UC is the main representative and legislative body, which makes recommendations to the President.

Steering Committee

The UC Steering Committee is the coordinating committee of the UC. It is responsible for setting meeting agendas for the UC, coordinating UC issues with the Office of Academic Affairs and other administrative tasks as needed.

The Steering Committee facilitates UC's overall integrated decision-making, coordinated planning and execution. It is comprised of eight voting members of the UC, with the senior vice president, provost and chief operating officer serving as an ex officio voting member.

Steering Committee Members:

    • Rex Ramsier, Ex Officio
    • Harvey Sterns, Chair
    • Ruth Nine-Duff, Vice Chair
    • Isaac Lampner, Secretary
    • Nicole MacPherson, CPAC Representative
    • Kristin Koskey, Faculty Senate Representative
    • Diane Gorse, GSG Representative
    • Marjorie Hartleben, SEAC Representative
    • Megan Bodenschantz, USG Representative

Standing Committees

The eight standing committees of the UC are each comprised of 12 elected members and an appointed administrator. The standing committees make recommendations by means of Topic Submissions, according to their areas of responsibility.