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In Memoriam

Sara J. Allen, BSE '72, May 24, 2017
Angela L. Anderson, AAS '98, BA '00, MSW '05, former student assistant, UAPD, Nov. 11, 2011        
Marilyn M. Andreeff, BAED '56, July 22, 2017
Danielle K. Antonio, BA '09, MSW '14, July 18, 2017-07
Alexander R. Arshinkoff, Former UA Board of Trustee member, benefactor Aug. 28, 2017
James J. Aylward, BS '77, JD '81, Senior Lecturer, Public Service Technology, Aug. 17, 2017
Travis D. Badgett, BST ’77, Jan 24, 16
Gillian M. Banaska, BSN '13, May 28, 2016
Vivian Beachy, BSED '54, Aug. 30, 2017  
Geralyn M. Bechter, AAS '86, BA '91, May 15, 2017
Richard A. Becker, BST '81, Aug. 7, 2017 
David G. Becker, BAED '58, MAED '66, Aug 27 2017
James L. Beckett, BSCE '63, Aug. 12, 2017
David P. Benya, BSIM '57 May 18, 2017
James N. Berbari, BAE '92, May 19, 2017
Albert J. Berrens, BSIM '73, Aug. 10, 2017
Debora A. Bittaker, BS '62, Oct. 22, 2016                 
Patricia L. Blankenship, AAS '91, April 13, 2016
Dan T. Blice, MBA '81, May 28, 2017
Michelle F. Boasten, BSN '88, July 14, 2017
Gary J. Boecker, JD '83, July 21, 2017
Norman E. Bolanz, BSIM '61, Aug. 11, 2017
Robert L. Bradshaw, AAS '84, BS '86, Aug 5, 2017
Tim N. Brewer, BAED '70, Aug. 25, 2017
Barbara J. Brinkman, BSE '75, May 8, 2017
Caroll S. Brode, BA '74, July 24, 2017
Daniel P. Burger, BS '04, May 31, 2017
Robert M. Calder, BSBA '74, June 16, 2016
Anthony J. Capozzi, BSE '82, July 4, 2017
Charles T. Carney, BSIM '69, Aug. 12, 2017
Dominic B. Caruso, Lecturer II, Supervising Teachers, June 11, 2017           
Jerry A. Cayton, AAS '84, BA '86, March 8, 2016
Thomas G. Chase, MBA '64, June 9, 2017
Roger A. Clark, BSA '78, April 26, 2017
Alan B. Cohen, JD '70, June 7, 2017
Mary Cooper, BSED '68, MSE '72, Aug. 29, 2017
William E. Cort, BAE '50, Aug. 2, 2017
Thomas P. Custer, AAS '75, BSBA '79, May 5, 2017
Robert N. Cutrone, BSBA '54, April 6, 2017
George W. Dade, AAS '72, July 26, 2017
Cory T. Dalton, MS '03, Research Assistant, Environmental Studies, Nov. 4, 2014 
Joseph A. Deley, Jr., AAS '79, May 7, 2016
Marie A. Dennison, BSED '50, July 24, 2017
Dale K. Dobbins, BM '79, May 13, 2017
Dorothy M. Donkin, BAED '59, July 5, 2017
Terry A. Dragosin, BS '78, Feb. 26, 2017
Robert J. Drexler, JD '63, May 17, 2017
Daniel W. Dunphy, AAS '72, April 25, 2017
Carol M. Engler, BAE '70, MAE '73, Auxillary Lecturer II, Counseling & Special Ed, July 8, 2017         
Rita Fitzgerald, Distinguished UA benefactor, July 17, 2017
Eugene Flaumenhaft, Associate Professor, Biology, May 25, 2015                
John A. Gabric, BSEE '70, June 22, 2017
Roger B. Garver, BSME '43, MBA '62, July 14, 2017              
Bessie M. George, Clerk I, Cashier’s Office, May 25, 2017 
John W. Graham, AAS '16, BS '17, Aug. 6, 2017
Denise J. Grimes, BSN '84, June 25, 2017                 
Gerald A. Haas, AAS '84, July 1, 2017
Phillip C. Helderman, June 24, 2016
John A. Hendricks, BSME '61, Dec. 25, 2016
Phyllis M. Hesse, BSED '62, Dec. 8, 2016
Jack E. Hibbs, Associate Professor Emeritus, University Libraries Collection Mgt; July 24, 2017       
Ellen A. Hildenbrand, AAS '72, Aug. 12, 2017
Rudolf J. Hinderegger, BSIM '54, MSE '71, June 25, 2017 
Molly M. Hoover, BA '17, Student Assistant, Student Academic Success, Aug. 24, 2017      
Emmett J. Housley, BAED '59, May 21, 2017
Stephanie C. Housman, BSED '66, Jan. 6, 2017
Otis A. Hower, BSIM '65, Aug. 5, 2017
Gordon W. Huber, BA '50, BS '52, June 26, 2017
Jim L. Jackson, Associate Professor Emeritus, Geology; Director, Ctr for Environmental Studies, May 26, 2017        
John Jacob, BS '50, June 1, 2017                 
William L. Jenkins, BSA '71, Dec. 24, 2016
Roberta R. John, MSE '79, June 12, 2017                 
Wendell A. Johnson, MS '83, Professor Emeritus, Associate Studies, June 7, 2017
Elizabeth A. Kakos-Schwarz, Senior Lecturer, Supervising Teachers, May 12, 2017
Richard F. Keel, BSED '49, June 6, 2017
Pat A. Kirn, BSED '56, July 11, 2017
Richard V. Knight, Visiting Professor, Public Administration & Urban Studies, June 27, 2017          
Walter L. Kopec, BSIM '68, July 6, 2017
Joseph C. Kovach, BSIM '61, May 30, 2017
Ivan W. Krabill, BSA '68, Aug. 1, 2017
Donald W. Krenrick, BA '41, May 29, 2017
Gerald A. Kromer, BA '50, July 22, 2017

Sharon M. Lauck, AAB '85, Data & Systems Administrator, Admissions, Aug. 4, 2017          
Edward J. Laughner, Assistant Professor Emeritus, Art, Aug. 11, 2017         
Dorothy J. Ling, MM '91, June 8, 2017
Ellen C. Lipps, MA '70, Auxillary Lecturer III, English, June 11, 2017             
Howard E. Locke, Jr., BAED '68, Aug. 12, 2017
Richard S. Loudy, BA '77, Aug. 10, 2017
Michael T. Lugenbeal, BSIM '85, May 8, 2017        
Dorothy M. Lukacz-Kral, Lecturer, Fine & Applied Arts, July 27, 2017        
George P. Manos, BSBA '56, May 20, 2017
Alice M. May, BA '76, MA '85, May 7, 2017
Judy A. McAnulty, BSN '82, July 30, 2016
Calvin F. McCullars, BSA '85, BSBA '85, Aug. 21, 2017
Benjamin L. McGarry, BT '78, Aug. 29, 2017
Edwin R. McKinley, BSME '61, June 20, 2017
John A. Milford, BA '56, June 22, 2017
C. Raymond Miller, Jr. BSIM '51, Aug. 22, 2017
Robert H. Mitchell, BA '53, AAB '83, March 15, 2017
Shane A. Mohr, BS '95, June 17, 2017
Jason A. Moore, BSBA '99, Student Assistant, Ocasek Natatorium, July 31, 2017   
Bruce C. Morrill, Assistant Professor, Art, May 18, 2017  
Kathleen J. Mozik, AAB '85, AAB '91, Aug. 8, 2017
William L. Mulrooney, BAED '58, MSED '64, May 12, 2017
John P. Murphy, BA '51, May 27, 2017
Ellen L. Murphy, BAF&N '50, June 4, 2017
Mark A. Musgrave, AAB '88.  Oct. 17, 2016
Keith W. Nine, AAS '81, July 27, 2017
Nina M. Njus, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Institute for Biomedical Engineering Research, May 19, 2017  
Linda J. Ocepek, EDD '93, Senior Lecturer, Educational Foundations & Leadership, July 16, 2017 
Vera G. O'Neill, BSE '50, MSE '65, July 16, 2017
Sandra M. Panella, BA '84, April 12, 2007
James O. Perrine, AA '16, Aug. 27, 2017
Patric O. Peske, BA '68, MAE '72, Aug. 28, 2017
James R. Purdon, Jr., BS '55, MS '55, PHD '61, July 8, 2017
Virginia M. Ramsey, AAS '95, BSN '04, April 9, 2016
Mark A. Rasicci, BAED '55, Aug. 13, 2017                 
Dennis L. Reed, BSE '99, May 18, 2017
Ralph Regula, Former U.S. Congressman (Ohio), July 19, 2017
Charles  W. Reynolds, Adjunct Professor, Nursing, May 30, 2017 
Johnnie M. Richardson, BA '00, Graduate Assistant, Graduate School, Jan. 18, 2016             
Gwendolyn M. Rivers, BSN '88, June 3, 2017
Lori Rochelle, Program Assistant, Academic Success, July 27, 2017             
Roberta M. Rodenbucher, BA '86, June 16, 2017
Gayle H. Rogers, BA '82, May 3, 2017
Jason Michael Roma, BA '03, May 4, 2017
Hazel L. Ruffin, BSN '74, BST '74, Oct. 22, 2016
Michael J. Ryan, BSA '73, July 13, 2017
Don E. Sample, AAS '79, July 28, 2017
Glenn C. Scarpelli, BA '86, July 28, 2017
Mark A. Schindewolf, MAE '85, Director, Community Services, July 2, 2017             
Paul R. Semonin, BA '68, June 7, 2017
Joseph V. Shannon, AAS '69, BSIM '73, Aug. 1, 2017
Delores A. Simpson, BSE '50, July 5, 2017
Morgan M. Sisley, BSN '16, Student Assistant, University Dining Services, May 23, 2017    
Paul C. Snyder, BS '87, June 20, 2017
Rex K. Spaulding, MAE '68, June 17, 2017
Forrest J. Stein, BSED '66, June 10, 2017
Charles D. Strauss, Jr., Senior Lecturer, Supervising Teachers, Sept. 1, 2017             
Charles J. Summers, BSBA '76, Aug. 14, 2017
Ernest S. Surnegie, Jr., BSBA '09, July 10, 2017
Gena R. Surovi, AAB '94, May 17, 2017
Louis Szalontai, BSA '65, Aug. 9, 2017
Jean Hower Taber, Honorary UA Doctorate ’04, UA benefactor, July 20, 2017
Allan L. Vandall, MBA '72, MS '72, Aug. 25, 2017
Evangeline Vannatter, BSE '75, May 26, 2017
Deborah J. Vargo, PHD '09, June 2, 2017                 
Donald S. Varian, Jr., BA '68, Aug. 20, 2017            
JoAnna Verderico, UA benefactor, Aug. 5, 2017
Patrick J. Walker, BSA '61, Sept. 5, 2017
Robert F. Wallace, BSME '47, May 21, 2017
William C. Wetzel, JD '59, Jan. 19, 2017
Harold A. Williams, BSA '75, Dec. 6, 2016
Frederick G. Williamson, BAE '73, May 29, 2017
Terence W. Wilson, AAB '87, July 13, 2017
Gregory D. Wisor, BS '81, MS '85, June 24, 2017
Kathleen J. Worcester, BA '03, June 5, 2017
Robert Wyskocil, AASET '70, May 22, 2017
Timothy R. Zink, BSIM '73, June 3, 2017

Class notes

Lynn C. Slaby photo Lynn C. Slaby, BSBA ’68, JD ’72, is the newest member of the Ohio Casino Control Commission following his appointment by Governor John Kasich. Slaby replaces Marti Hoke, who did not seek reappointment to the commission, and his term ends in February 2021.

Frederick A. Costanzo photoFrederick A. Costanzo, BS ’78, will head the Underwater Explosions Research Division at M&J Engineering. As one if his first assignments, he is serving as principal investigator for the firm’s Navy R&D group on the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Phase I SBIR for Verification and Optimization of Advanced Finite Element Modeling Techniques for Complex Submarine Hull Structures. Costanzo is a recognized expert in the fields of underwater explosion shock, structural analysis, and the application of numerical methods to the solution of complex engineering issues. Costanzo joins M&J with close to four decades of service to the U.S. Federal government.


Jacqueline McDowell photoJacqueline McDowell, BSED ’74, MSED ’80, has been appointed by Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. McDowell is the assistant provost for external relations and the dean of the Charter School of Education and Human Sciences at Berry College. She is the president of the Rome-Floyd County Commission on Children and Youth and sits on the executive committee for the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education.


Carla D. Moore photoCarla D. Moore, ’74, retired judge, was named the 50th recipient of Akron Community Foundation’s Bert A. Polsky Humanitarian Award. Moore’s accomplishments include being the first black female judge elected to the Akron Municipal Court and the Ohio Ninth District Court of Appeals. She was known among her peers for treating those who appeared before her with dignity and respect.

Michael N. Bennett photoMichael N. Bennett, AAB ’87, Hyatt Regency Cincinnati General Manager, has been elected as president of the 2017 Cincinnati Hotel Association (CHA) by Davidson Hotels & Resorts, one of the nation’s leading hotel management companies. In his role as general manager of Hyatt Regency Cincinnati, Bennett is responsible for all hotel operations and staff. Bennett managed the recent $32 million complete renovation of the Cincinnati’s most iconic luxury hotel. And in his new role as president, Bennett hopes to share his passion for world-class hospitality that he has learned through his career. See photo


Benjamin L. Brigeman photoBenjamin L. Brigeman, BSA ’84, MBA ’92, an experienced senior financial services executive, has been appointed to Genstar Capitals’s Strategic Advisory Board. Genstar Capital is a leading middle-market private equity firm focused on investments in targeted segments of the financial services, software, industrial technology, and healthcare industries. Brigeman, a current member of the Board of Genstar portfolio company Ascensus, will advise Genstar in its financial services vertical, particularly in wealth management, financial technology, and outsourced services to investment managers.


Kristene Grayem photoKristene Grayem, BSN ’89, MSN ’97, has been named to the newly-created position of vice president of population health management at Akron Children’s Hospital. Grayem, a certified pediatric nurse practitioner, has worked at Akron Children’s for 29 years in a number of administrative roles, most recently as Director of Ambulatory Clinical Systems, Nursing and Quality in the Department of Pediatrics. In her new position, Grayem will work with a population health physician leader to develop and implement the hospital’s population strategy and develop and manage new care models, including pilot and demonstration programs with government agencies, such as the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, as well as commercial insurance companies.


Mark K. Hirko photoMark K. Hirko, BS ’83, MS ’85, has joined the Health Quest Medical Practice Division of General Surgery, in Poughkeepsie, NY, as the assistant vice president of surgical specialties. Hirko’s responsibilities include coordinating and standardizing Health Quest Medical Practice surgical services throughout the system, developing undergraduate and post-graduate surgical education programs, including a general surgery residency, and collaborating with senior administration and physician leadership to continue to provide advanced care and service across the system.


Lawrence M. “Larry” Kelly photoLawrence M. “Larry” Kelly, JD ’83, will be playing Cmdr. William Harbison in the New Castle Playhouse production of “South Pacific.” The play’s opening night was Friday, July 14th. Kelly is a member of the Luxenberg, Garrett, Kelly and George law firm in Ellwood City, PA. Kelly and his wife, Marisa, have four daughters, three of which are attorneys and the forth will be entering dental school.


Ronald G. Kerns photoRonald G. Kerns, BM ’88, a musician and owner of Panyard Inc., fell in love with steel drums while he was a student and Steel Drum Band member at UA. Kerns opened Panyard in 1990 with the original mission of documenting and publishing Caribbean steel pan melodies. Today, Kerns makes and sells between 8,000 to 10,000 pans a year from his California Avenue factory. Sales for the 14-person company topped $1 million last year. Kerns credits his being a global leader in the fabrication of pans to ingenuity.


Eddie L. Steiner photoEddie L. Steiner, BS ’83, has been named the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient by The University of Akron Wayne College Alumni Association. The award recognizes alumni who have shown leadership in the workplace and community. Steiner was formally presented the award at the Wayne College Academic and Graduate Recognition Ceremony on May 5th. Steiner is president and CEO of The Commercial and Savings Bank (CSB) headquartered in Millersburg, Ohio. Under his leadership, CSB promotes building relationships among individuals, businesses, and nonprofits, as well as investment in the local community.


Philip M. Studer, BSBA ’87, has been appointed to serve on the advisory board of the Boys and Girls Club of Boca Raton. Studer is a vice president at Comerica Wealth Management. He has been a member of the Boca Raton-based George Snow Scholarship Fund for 11 years; is a former member of the board of directors and current trustee of the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce; Leadership Boca 2007 graduate; former board member of Fort Lauderdale-based House of Hope; and is a former board chairman of the Boca Raton Housing Authority.


Russell L. Warley photoRussell L. Warley, BS ’84, has been named the new dean of faculty and professor of chemical engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Warley started his new duties on July 1. Warley will be responsible for execution of academic goals and working with academic department heads to maintain the smooth and efficient operation of those areas. Warley brings a wealth of experience in both engineering education and industry, and is equally remarkable for his innovation and his student-centered approach.


Dean A. Wimer, BSA ’85, has been named CEO of WS Packaging Group, a portfolio company of J.W. Childs Associates LP. The appointment became effective July 1, 2017. WS Packaging Group, Inc., with more than 50 years of experience, is one of the largest printing and label converting operations in North America. It operates 17 manufacturing facilities and produces high-quality packaging products.

Heather M. Barnes photoHeather M. Barnes, BSME ’96, has joined Tucker Ellis LLP’s growing Intellectual Property Department as counsel. Barnes is a registered patent attorney focusing on intellectual property matters, including the domestic and international prosecution of patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Barnes works with national brands to protect their products, including issues related to counterfeiting, and routinely provides intellectual property advice for corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, license agreements, intellectual property policies, and joint development agreements.


Kimberly S. Bolas Miller photoKimberly S. Bolas Miller, BSBA ’93, has joined Westfield Bank in a newly-created position of vice president, banking officer. As part of Westfield Bank’s leadership team, Bolas Miller will have responsibility for developing, launching and leading Westfield Bank’s new Private Bank division. Prior to joining Westfield Bank, Bolas Miller was with Huntington Bank as a private banker. She also serves as a trustee for Sharon Township.


Teare M. Brewington photoTeare M. Brewington, BSA ’99, MBA ’05, has been named vice president for finance and management at South Carolina State University. As South Carolina State’s chief financial officer, Brewington brings more than 20 years of progressive experience in the areas of accounting, auditing and management. She has been employed with the university since July 2014 when she was hired as controller. In her current role, she provides strategic vision and leadership for fiscal and administrative support service units of the university.


Michael Crouse, BSEE ’90, Senior Director, Business Solutions for Advanced Data and Insider Threat Security Business, at Forcepoint, is spearheading new business initiatives for promoting a unified solution (endpoint, interface, and analytics) focused on the human point. The Knowledge Group/The Knowledge Congress Live Webcast Series, the leading producer of regulatory focused webcasts, has announced that its July 26, 2017 webcast will feature Crouse, who will offer strategies for reducing the corporate risk of insider threats.


Laura B. Culp photoLaura B. Culp, MT ’91, has been selected as this year’s sixth annual recipient of Leadership Akron’s Lieberth Community Vision Award. Culp is Partner, Tax Services, Akron Construction/Real Estate at Sikich LLP. Leadership Akron notes that Culp was chosen because of her significant contributions to the community through leadership roles in several nonprofit organizations, including The University of Akron’s College of Business Administration. Culp will be presented the award at a breakfast banquet on November 9 at the John S. Knight Center.


Sandra L. Finch photoSandra L. Finch, BS ’95, BS ’97, Senior Associate Attorney at The Russell’s Law Firm, PLC, has joined The Expert Network, an invitation-only service for distinguished professionals. Finch has been chosen as a Distinguished Lawyer based on peer reviews and ratings, dozens of recognitions, and accomplishments achieved throughout her career. Finch outshines others in her field due to her extensive educational background, numerous awards and recognitions, and career longevity. She is s 9.3/10 Avvo Rated Attorney and a member of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.


Tavia D. Galonski photoTavia D. Galonski, JD ’95, was sworn in as Representative for District 35 recently by retired Federal Bankruptcy Court Judge Randolph Baxter, her uncle. Galonski was selected from among eight applicants for the seat, replacing Greta Johnson, who has accepted a job as Deputy Law Director for the Summit County Executive’s Office. Galonski, who was a magistrate in the Summit County Court of Common Pleas, has served the state in a legal capacity for over 15 years.


Kellie F. Glenn photoKellie F. Glenn, AA ’90, BSIM ’90, has been named director of the Lorain Department of Building, Housing, and Planning effective July 19. The department oversees a range of issues, such as projects paid for with federal grant money; building code inspections and enforcement; and planning and zoning changes in Lorain.


Christopher P. Helsel photoChristopher P. Helsel, MSME ’93, has been named vice president and chief technology officer for Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Helsel, who assumed his new role on September 1, brings several years’ experience in research and development, technology and business roles.


Sukumar R. Iyer photoSukumar R. Iyer, MSME ’92, has been named one of Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Regional Finalists. Iyer has served as president and CEO at Brillient Corporation since July 2003. He also currently serves as co-chair of the small business committee at AFCEA International and vice president of the ARMA Northern Virginia chapter.


Sean M. Johnson photoSean M. Johnson, BSEE ’91, has been promoted to vice president and appointed to the Board of Directors of Osborn Engineering. His design and production leadership of the firm has contributed to their continued growth and sustainability. Johnson has been part of the 125-year-old engineering firm for the past 13 years, providing production and engineering design leadership on many landmark projects.


Halle G. Jones Capers photoHalle G. Jones Capers, BSCE ’90, co-founder of the UA Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, is interviewed in Crain’s Cleveland Business regarding her professional experiences and role as a mentor. As an alumna, Capers served as a mentor for the university’s Women in Engineering Program. Capers is chair of the IDEAs Advisory Council at The University of Akron. IDEAs stands for Increasing Diversity in Engineering Academics, and is basically the minority engineering program. Capers joined Akron-based construction management firm G. Stephens three years ago. As senior vice president of operations, she oversees hiring, human resources policies, training and scheduling. Capers is also the face of G. Stephens for all of its transportation contracts with the likes of ODOT, the Ohio Turnpike, the city of Akron, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority and Akron-Canton Airport.


Matthew J. Kaulig photoMatthew J. Kaulig, BSBA ’96, was invited to meet President Trump at the White House this past July. The president is meeting with several business owners to discuss their products and the importance of American manufacturing. Kaulig is the local business owner of LeafFilter, a business whose product is a mesh filter that keeps gutters from being clogged with leaves or dirt. According to Kaulig, it is rated as the number one gutter protection system by Consumer Reports. LeafFilter now has 38 offices in the United States and two in Canada, with the headquarters being in Hudson. The company even sponsors a car in NASCR’s XFINITY Series.


Michael F. Marhofer photoMichael F. Marhofer, MBA ’91, JD ’91, is partner and co-chair of the Corporate & Securities Practice Group and a member of the executive committee of Benesch. Benesch is a business law firm with offices in Cleveland and through the Midwest. Marhofer’s practice focuses on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and divestitures for a wide range of companies and industries.


Ann M. Ream photoAnn M. Ream, BA ’91, MA ’05, after 24 years at Summit County Children Services, became director of community relations on April 10. Ream has worked to protect and ensure the safety and wellbeing of children. She also co-founded a program to get fathers more involved in their children’s lives, the mission being to enhance the wellbeing of Ohio’s children by providing opportunities for fathers to become better parents, partners and providers. One of Ream’s key goals is to develop stronger and new relationships in the community.


Nipesh H. Shah, MS ’99, has been named CEO of Anchor Glass. The appointment was effective July 24, 2017, and from that date, Shah will assume responsibility for the ongoing operations of Anchor Glass and will join the board of directors. Anchor Glass is a leading North American manufacturer of premium glass packaging products.


Jason T. Wells, BS ’96, JD ’01, has been appointed to the Summit County Common Pleas Court. Wells began serving as a judge on June 27. Wells must win in the November 2018 general election to retain the seat for the unexpired term ending January 2, 2021. Wells is a retired captain of the Ohio National Guard and currently a private attorney where he helped establish Summit County’s Valor Court for veterans. Wells is a member of the Akron Bar Association.


George L. Wilson photoGeorge L. Wilson, BSA ’91, has been promoted to chief operating officer at Quanex Building Products Corporation effective August 1, 2017. In this newly created position, Wilson will be responsible for the company’s U.S. and international operations. Quanex Building Products Corporation is an industry-leading manufacturer of components sold to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the building products industry. Quanex designs and produces energy-efficient fenestration products in addition to kitchen and bath cabinet components.

Cara E. Adams photoCara E. Adams, BA ’02, BS ’02, is now chief engineer of Bridgestone Americas Motorsports and manager of race tire development. Adams is the only female chief engineer in the sport. Adams is considered a trailblazer in a male-dominated field. But to Adams, being a different gender is a non-issue; she is the best person for the job.


Demetria Bell Anderson photoDemetria Bell Anderson, MA ’01, Leadership Program Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, was elected chair-elect of the National Association for Campus Activities on May 1st. This is a three year appointment where Anderson will transition into her historic role as the first black female chair of the NACA Board of Directors beginning in 2018-2019.


James T. Buck photoJames T. Buck, BA ’04, has been named Coach House’s new artistic director. The Akron Woman’s City Club announced that Coach House Theatre will remain open under Buck’s management as the theater heads into its 90th anniversary season.  Buck has been hired for a one-year trial period that will include a full five-show season, special anniversary events and a yearlong series of community conversations about the future of the theater.


David M. Collins, BS ’08, has been named director of web at the Canton-based ad agency, Innis Maggiore. Collins joined Innis Maggiore in 2014.


Michael G. Craig photoMichael G. Craig, JD ’07, has joined Tucker Ellis LLP’s growing Intellectual Property Department as counsel. Craig focuses on helping clients protect and generate revenue from their intellectual property. He has prepared and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications for large and small clients in the areas of computer arts, electrical arts, mechanical arts, medical devices, and life sciences. He works closely with clients to provide the advice they need to optimize their IP portfolios both domestically and internationally.


Susan E. Cullen, BA ’07, was honored at an awards ceremony on June 17th for displaying outstanding leadership and having a positive impact on her community and received the “25 Under 35” award from her high school, Saint Joseph Academy. Cullen is a speech-language pathologist with the United States Army and the lead speech pathologist across the state of Kansas. She volunteers with her community by providing mentorship opportunities for students, as well as shadowing opportunities to inspire young women interested in healthcare professions or career placements. She also volunteers her time at a local support group for survivors of traumatic brain injury.


Alex T. Daw, BA ’08, has joined the leadership team of Summit Metro Parks as the new chief of human resources and administration. Daw is proud of his past efforts to engage employees and promote a fair and consistent culture, and he will bring the same to Summit Metro Parks. Summit Metro Parks has 155 full-time and part-time employees, plus dozens of seasonal workers every year.


Brenna L. Fasko, BA ’06, JD ’09, received the “25 Under 35” award from her high school, Saint Joseph Academy, an all-girls Catholic high school in Cleveland. Fasko is an attorney advisor for the Social Security Administration where she advises administrative law judges on complex issues of the Social Security Act and writes decisions regarding disability benefits. She is involved in a mentoring program designed to assist newly appointed advisors in performing their duties. Fasko was appointed to a four-year clerkship with Federal Magistrate Judge John Greenberg, North District of Ohio, Cleveland, at the United States District Court. She is also a member of the Junior League of Akron and serves as a board member for the Summit Art Space.


Emily M. George photoEmily M. George, BS ’09, was featured in Crain’s Cleveland “Twenty in Their 20’s” section, as George has become one of the area’s up-and-coming internal medicine physicians at Summa Health in Akron. With her patients, George is a keen listener able to include the suffering and life experience of her patients in partnering with them for treatment. She uses the latest medical evidence in her treatments and respects the patient’s wishes by giving them a menu of choices from which to choose to address their care. When she’s not caring for patients at Summa, or caring for her 5-year-old son, Michael, George spends a lot of her time at Open M, a faith based free clinic in Akron.


Ryan S. Jones photoRyan S. Jones, MBA ’02, has been named the chief executive officer at Aultman Orrville Hospital. With his health care leadership experience, Jones will bring his expertise in strategic planning, financial management and service-line leadership to the hospital.


Uday P. Karmarkar photoUday P. Karmarkar, MS ’00, has joined US sealing specialist AW Chesterton Co. as vice president of engineering. In his new role, Karmarkar will manage engineering, research and development activities for all of Chesterton’s product lines. Karmarkar is uniquely qualified to lead Chesterton’s engineering efforts and will uphold the commitment to providing innovative solutions to customers. Karmarkar has more than over 18 years of industrial experience and holds a number of US patents.


Nicolas L. Kinsinger photoNicolas L. Kinsinger, BA ’06, brings his 11 years of management, sales and operations experience to esteemed metalizing industry leader, AISCO Metalizing Corporation. AISCO Metalizing Corporation is an industrial operation specializing in thermal-sprayed metallic and alloy coatings to surface coat and repair parts used by industries such as construction, automotive, tire, rubber, and steel production. Kinsinger’s experience in OSHA, safety, budgeting and shipping will lead to successful business development and customer service for AISCO’s industrial customers.


David Krueger photoDavid Krueger, JD ’09, is co-founder of the Cannabis Arbitration Panel or CAP. When not serving clients at Cleveland law firm Benesch as a litigator, Krueger is working to develop what may be the first arbitration company in the United States focused entirely on the relatively young legal marijuana industry. CAP’s founders believe they’ll be able to fill a need in the sector to help resolve business issues bound to arise over time, like the inevitable disputes between marijuana cultivators and vendors.


Jeffery W. LeBeau photoJeffery W. LeBeau, BSBA ’06, was interviewed in About Magazine’s “Twenty Under 40” series. LeBeau, 33, is president of WRL Advertising. Under his leadership. WRL has won Addy awards for website development, photography and for work performed for Namath Products, Valspar, The Timken Company and more.


Jennifer L. Lile photoJennifer L. Lile, JD ’00, was recently sworn in as president of the 800-member Stark County Bar Association. Lile became the 100th president when her one-year term began on July 1. Lile is also a director with the law firm of Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffiths & Dougherty. Her practice focuses on the areas of estate and special needs planning, trust, probate and elder law. Jennifer is a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) by the National Elder Law Foundation.


Jerrod J. Price photoJerrod J. Price, BM ’02, has been named associate dean of admissions & enrollment management at the Cleveland Institute of Music, effective August 16th. Price joined the Cleveland Institute of Music from the Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan, where he served as director of admission and financial aid.


Belinda M. Richardson photoBelinda M. Richardson, MA ’09, joined Butler County Community College (BC3) on July 5 as the school’s chief academic officer. Her responsibilities include supervising BC3’s academic programs and faculty; educational technology and distance education; assessment, research and planning; workforce development and selected grants. She will also oversee BC3’s Heaton Family Learning Commons.


Karl K. Rishe photoKarl K. Rishe, MAED ’04, D.Ed. ’15, has been named vice president for Student Affairs at Alma College. His appointment was effective August 1. Rishe’s background, skills and energy provide a strong match for leading Alma College’s student life efforts. Rishe brings experience in program design, staff development, budget management and crisis response, and he conveys a passion for student success.


Lisa J. Sanniti, BA ’07, JD ’10, was honored at an awards ceremony on June 17th for displaying outstanding leadership and having a positive impact on her community and received the “25 Under 35” award from her high school, Saint Joseph Academy. Sanniti works for the Social Security Administration as the Special Assistant United States Attorney. Because of her passion for the community, Sanniti has volunteered as a swim coach with Special Olympics Ohio. She is a member of Executive Council and CLE Chair of the Young Lawyers Section at the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, which offers networking and training opportunities for new attorneys and law students.


Roxanne M. Sedlak, BSME ’00, was welcomed to Welty Energy & Infrastructure as Lean Innovation Leader. Welty Energy & Infrastructure works with investor-owned utilities while partnering with industry leaders to efficiently and safely manage the construction of transmission and substation projects east of the Mississippi.


Jason M. Smith photoJason M. Smith, BSBA ’07, was featured in the About Magazine series, “Twenty Under 40.” Smith, 33, is officer, banking advisor II at PNC Bank managing book of more than 500 wealth clients.


Natalie A. Wininger, MSED ’01, was named principal and supervisor of special services at McDowell Elementary School in Hudson on June 28. Wininger has excellent skills in the managing special education processes and a strong vision for how a school should serve all students and families. She has been described as a caring, dedicated, and passionate educator who never stops learning and growing.


Matthew I. Ziders photoMatthew I. Ziders, MSED ’08, has been acknowledged as a top educator by About Magazine. Ziders has spent the last nine years as an algebra teacher at Jackson High School and head coach of the Jackson High swimming and diving teams. Ziders focuses on being a positive role model, imparting life lessons and fostering positive relationships with his students. Ziders is prepared for a long career with Jackson Schools. In June, the board of education recommended he be named assistant principal of Jackson High School.

Tyler J. Kette, BSA ’16, MT ’17, has joined Walthall CPAs in its Cleveland office as an associate, furthering the firm’s presence in Cleveland. Kette has had multiple experiences and opportunities such as serving as a research graduate assistant and working as a state and local tax intern at Grant Thornton. Walthall CPA’s is a full-service regional certified public accounting and business advisory firm with offices in Cleveland, Amherst, Mentor, and Wooster, Ohio.


Ryan K. O’Cull photoRyan K. O’Cull, MAED ’10, is the Medina City School District’s new director of technology. O’Cull comes to Medina from the Black River Local School District, where he was a technology coordinator. O’Cull formerly taught seventh and eighth grade math in Black River.


Anthony M. Ries photoAnthony M. Ries, BA ’12, has been named vice president and managing partner at Bernie Moreno Cos. Ries joined the company as a sales manager in 2014, and he now supervises roughly 160 employees. He oversees four dealerships: one he runs himself and three managed by general managers who report to him.


Kenneth W. Smith, Jr., BS ’15, has been named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list. Smith currently works for NASA analyzing its spacecraft produced by Boeing and Space X. He is a member of an analyst team that inspects crafts for safety. Smith dreams of going in to space one day; he is roughly 18 months away from completing his preparation to become an astronaut. At that point, he should at least be eligible to be chosen for flight.

The Greater Akron Baseball Hall of Fame’s Class of 2017 was inducted during a three-day celebration the weekend of July 22nd. The GABHOF recognizes individuals who have contributed to area baseball organizations as players, coaches, umpires, managers, sponsors or boosters. Class of 2017 members (UA alums) are:

Steve Grescovich, BAE ’79
Jim Grove, BA ’63
Paul G. Perantinides, JD ’69
Tim Pettorini, JD ’98
Scott Pollock, BSIM ’81
Eric J. Thompson, BS ’88



Greater Akron Chamber announced “30 for the Future” award recipients for 2017. Thirty Greater Akron Region young professionals have been named the recipients of the eleventh annual award. Part of the Greater Akron Chamber’s strategy to attract and retain talent in the region, the “30 for the Future” award honors young professionals (ages 25-39) whose stellar contributions impact their industries and the Greater Akron Region. Class of 2017 members (UA alums) are:

Theron E. Brown, BM ’13
Karen Cheung, MT ’07
Eric M. Chojnacki, BA ’05
Trevor R. Chuna, BSBA ’05
William D. McGee, MAE ’11
David P. Miller, BSBA ’02
Christopher T. Teodosio, JD ’12, MBA ’12
Anoo D. Vyas, LLM ’14



Leadership Akron has chosen 36 representatives (20 of which are UA alums) for its 2017-2018 Signature Program. Leadership Akron chooses representatives from greater Akron’s business, government, and nonprofit sectors. The year-long program starts with a tour of the city and two-day retreat, followed by once-a-month daylong sessions focusing on aspects of the community such as social services, health care, education and justice. Members of the class (UA alums) are:

Andrea D. Conti, BS ’92
Tracy S. Dowe III, BSBA ’01
Ronald J. Fowler II, AAB ’02
Amber R. Genet, BA ’06, MA ’14
David H. Hamilton, BA’07
James J. Hardy, BS ’06
Theresa A. Lash-Ritter, BS ’92
John T. Margida, BS ’87
Rodney J. Matthews, BS ’93, MBA ’03
Donald C. Mullen, AAS ’69
Nicole L. Mullet, BAE ’02, MAE ’11
Gerard M. Neugebauer, BS ’87, MBA ’91
Antha A. Poleondakis, BSBA ’10
Brett W. Reynolds, BSBA ’92
Katherine M. Romito, AAS ’78
Marlo Schmidt, BSE ’98, MSE ’99
Lindsey A. Tomaszewski, MA ’03
Michael E. Vinay, AAS ’08, BS ’13, MPA ’16
Annal D. Vyas, BS ’03, ML ’14
Laura L. Wallerstein, BA’03, MBA ’10, JD ’10

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