The Akron Blue and Gold

Our color palette is designed to build around our primary Akron Blue and Gold. While this palette is limited, it offers the versatility needed to keep communications looking fresh and dynamic.

We Are Akron

These are our core colors. They identify our school and should be the most prominent colors in any piece:

Blue (PMS 282 C)
RGB  4  30  66
CMYK  100  90  13  68
HEX/HTML #041E42

Gold (PMS 7503 C)
RGB  168  153  104
CMYK  10  15  50  29
HEX/HTML #A89968

Metallic Gold for print only (PMS 871 C) - or 7503 flat gold


These colors add variety to the brand. The cream color provides a nice, warm foundation when used in large floods for background areas. The bright blue contrasts nicely with the deeper Akron Blue and can be used on top of darker blue backgrounds, or in headlines or subheads.

Bright Blue (PMS 2945)
RGB  0  76  157
CMYK  100  64  0  16

Cream (No PMS available)
RGB  255  247  233
CMYK  0  2  8  0

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