The official seal of The University of Akron is primarily reserved for use on formal and ceremonial publications. Examples include certificates, diplomas, formal invitations or programs. The University seal should not be used in email signatures.

University seal

Seal colors

The approved seal colors are PMS 281 (navy) and PMS 116 (yellow).

When reproducing the seal using gold foil, CROWN FOIL 490 is recommended. Blue non-metallic foil should match as closely as possible to PMS 282. Contact University Communications and Marketing for additional guidance and vector files.

Area of Non-encroachment

The seal should never touch another element except the background field. To maintain this isolation, surround the seal with a space equal to the width of the shield in the seal’s center (below). The seal should never be reproduced smaller than 1 inch high.

Artwork for the seal is available in both digital and hard-copy forms. Please contact University Communications and Marketing to obtain art.

Area of non-encroachment for the seal

Need help?

For assistance, contact:

University Communications and Marketing