PowerPoint template with University branding

Making a presentation?

Feel free to use this new PowerPoint template, which incorporates freshened design elements that support the University’s brand.

Presentation checklist

Introduce Yourself

  • Fill out the introduction slide with the title of the presentation, the date, the presenter’s name, the presenter’s title and the presenter’s contact information.

Introduce the University

  • Include an overview slide about UA.

Make Your Slides Readable

  • Use a sans serif font (preferably Arial or UA’s official sans serif font, Avenir) in your presentation.
  • Use serif fonts (such as Times or UA’s official serif font, Caslon) sparingly as they are more difficult for viewers to read.
  • Text and imagery should not encroach the UA master logo/wordmark in the lower left-hand corner.

Less Is More

  • Make simple yet strong points and use examples.
  • Imagery should clarify text, not detract from the content.
  • Cross-market other UA programs to strengthen your message.

Keep Your Audience Connected

  • Include the presenter’s contact information on the last slide (address, phone and e-mail information).

Need help?

For assistance, contact:

Jeff Harwell
University Communications and Marketing
Ext. 6670

PowerPoint template with University branding