President & Founder Parke R. Kolbe, 1913-1925

parke-kolbeThe last president of Buchtel College and the first president of the Municipal University of Akron grew up on the Buchtel campus. The son of Professor Carl Kolbe, Parke R. Kolbe added a new element to the president’s role, the political leadership required of an institution that is dependent on public tax money. He is regarded as a founder of the University, due to his leadership in transforming the private college into a municipal university.


Trustees transfer Buchtel College's assets to the city of Akron, creating the Municipal University of Akron. The liberal arts department is renamed the Buchtel College of Liberal Arts (now the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences), and tuition in that college is made free to any student whose parents live in Akron.


The College of Engineering is formed and pioneers one of the country’s first cooperative education programs.

The new Municipal University of Akron is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.


Evening classes are offered on a regular basis.


The College of Education is formed.