Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. D. Dane Quinn
Auburn Science and Engineering Center 313b
Williams Honor College Dean's Office 166
The University of Akron
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Honors Project Course Information

4600:497—Honors Project in Mechanical Engineering (4 credit hours)
Prerequisite: senior standing in Honors Program.

Individual creative project in thermal science, mechanics, or design relevant to mechanical engineering, supervised by faculty member of the department.

General Comments

Students are permitted to use their Senior Design project to meet the Honors Research Project requirement. In this case, the student must meet all of the requirements for the Senior Design course as well as the corresponding schedule.

  1. The project must be an open-ended design problem. This means that there is an objective and design strategy (i.e., how do I decide between multiple acceptable solutions).
  2. The work level is estimated to be about 400 hours per student.
  3. It is highly desired to have a prototype made and tested.
  4. The Honors Research Project Proposal should contain a description of the design project to be undertaken, with the design aspect clearly stated, and the project schedule.

Format and Style

The project is to be written up as a formal technical report.

Timeline and Schedule

The student will only register for the Honors Project course during the semester in which they will complete their project (usually their graduating semester). However, if the project also serves as the student's Senior Design project then the project should be undertaken over two semesters even though the student only registers for one semester of credit. In this case the course load is 4 credit hours.

  • The initial project schedule should contain approximately 10 milestones during the two semester duration of the project.