CBA Integrated Business Forum

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Mr. Andy Platz
Executive Director, Corporate Outreach and Professional Development
College of Business Administration 408
The University of Akron
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Honors Project Course Information

6100:497—Honors Project in Business Administration (1–3 credits)
Prerequisites: Senior standing in Honors Program.

Individual directed research relevant to the student's major. Group integrated symposium or an individualized study format available.

General Information

The CBA Integrated Business Forum will be a common honors project experience for students in all CBA majors. It will be team taught by a CBA Executive in Residence and another CBA faculty member. The project will consist of participation in a series of forums with executives during the Fall semester and the completion of a comprehensive applied research team project during the Spring semester. During each of the two semesters students will complete various “milestone” team assignments pertaining to the comprehensive research project, have assigned reading assignments, and participate in team building activities and project management workshops. In addition, students will also be coached on their team process and personal leadership competencies.

During the Fall semester, students will attend class weekly and will register for 1 credit of 6100:497 Honors Project in Business Administration. Speakers from multiple firms will share their firm’s approach to multi-disciplinary business processes and to innovation. Students will complete reading assignments, conduct research, and participate in discussions on topics related to innovation and disruptive processes. Teams of students will be assigned to a project at the firms participating in the symposium. The firms will provide a team of associates that will work with the team(s) assigned to their firm. The projects will require primary and secondary research and will be eligible for funding from the Institute for Leadership Advancement. The Spring semester will include less regular class meetings and more independent study teamwork and students will register for 2 credits of 6100:497 Honors Project in Business Administration.

Students may participate in the Honors Integrated Business Forum during their junior year or senior year. The advantage to participating as a junior is that students may leverage the contacts they make with the participating firms to obtain internship opportunities. One reason the firms want to participate in the Integrated Business Forum is to be able to meet promising prospective interns and future full-time associates.


Students may pursue an approved exception to the CBA Honors Symposium. Exceptions must be approved by three semesters prior to graduation. Alternatives to the CBA Honors Symposium are

  1. Individual, discipline specific scholarly research papers
  2. Leadership Experience Projects (per Institute for Leadership Advancement) — an experiential team project on a topic selected by students

Make an appointment with Dr. Susan Hanlon if you wish to be granted an exception.