Logos, branding and more

Here are some tools to help you communicate more effectively and more in line with the University brand standards.

Our brand standards

How the university and you can benefit by embracing these standards.

Download the logo in a variety of formats, and learn how to display it in a manner that helps you meet your goals.

Our color palette, how to use it, and keep communications looking fresh.

Showing individuals genuinely and actively engaged in learning and being social.

A wide range of fonts set us apart in printed materials and elsewhere.

PowerPoint template
Giving a presentation about UA? Here’s a PowerPoint template that’s consistent with our brand standards.

Your email signature says a lot about you and the university.

How to order business cards, letterhead and envelopes that align with our brand standards.

The university seal or crest reflects many aspects of our history and heritage.

Tips to help you design and build webpages that are effective and easy to manage.

Social media guidelines
How would you handle a critic on your college’s social media site? It’s an opportunity to show your orientation toward good service.

Roundup of social media at UA

Social media
Connect with our colleges, services and athletics teams via Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Resources for writers

Style guide for writing
Is it "adviser" or "advisor?" The style guide will help colleges and departments produce clear and consistent writing.

Writing for the Web
The Web is a vital source of information for all of our audiences — but writing for the Web requires a different style. Here are a few tips.

Facts and maps